Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Question

Starting today, J.K. Rowling's American publisher, Scholastic, is posting seven burning questions about the conclusion of the Potter series leading up to the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Fans can vote on their site and discuss the questions with other Potterheads.

Today's question is one of life or death. Who will survive book 7 and who will meet their end? The characters cited on the Scholastic site are listed below along with my votes. Discuss amongst yourselves.

* Harry Potter - (Lives) Despite rumors that Rowling will kill him to keep anyone else from writing about him, I think Rowling is too dedicated to her story for petty deep-sixing. Besides, in this story of ultimate good and evil, what does it say if good dies?

* Lord Voldemort - (Dies) If I'm voting for Harry to live, I think Voldemort has to die. Duh. "Neither can live while the other survives."

* Ginny Weasley - (Lives) This vote is one of hope more than confidence. Ginny's definitely vulnerable, as Harry pointed out himself at the end of Half-Blood Prince. It's entirely possible Voldemort will use her to get to Harry and then dispose of her. Let's hope not.

* Ron Weasley - (Lives) While the Weasley clan is definitely a target for a death, I don't see Ron being the one to snuff it. He's Harry's best friend, but there are definitely some more likely candidates to get it over Ron.

* Hermione Granger - (Lives) Since Rowling's been prepping us for, oh, about six books now for the love connection between Hermione and Ron, I don't think she's going to waste her groundwork by killing either of them.

* Neville Longbottom - (Lives) Neville's tenure in the Potterverse has been fraught with failure. I think Rowling's setting him up for a heroic conclusion. But, like Ginny, I also have a sneaking suspicion that he's vulnerable for going down in a blaze of glory. Another hope vote from me.

* Severus Snape - (Dies) I'm stealing my prediction on this one from Kim. I think Severus is going to die protecting Harry in some way. I don't think he's necessarily good or evil, but I think the death scene with Dumbledore was too complex to just be what it looked on the surface. I say he bites it, but with honor.

* Rubeus Hagrid - (Lives) Let's face it: Harry's already lost too many parents. Taking Hagrid would be cruel at this point.

* Draco Malfoy - (Lives) She's going to take Voldemort, but leave us with Malfoy. He's got potential for redemption, but I think that might be too sentimental for Rowling. He'll still be pointy-faced and sneering at the end, but intact.

*Peter Pettigrew* - (Dies) Two words: Wizard's Debt.

*my addition for Scholastic's "Other" category

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penelope said...

I agree with those predictions, particularly since none of the deaths would make me cry. I mean, I fully expect to cry while reading the last book, but I do hope I'm not crying over the death of say, Ginny. Because Harry and Ginny have to get married and have babies with messy hair and green eyes.

Andria said...

I'm afraid you're awfully helplessly romantic (just the way I like it!) and while I hope you are right in your predictions, I think she will do something more shocking and devastating and lasting in the finale. Or at least, I wouldn't put it past her. Good can still die, if it kills the bad first. Heroics come at a steep price.

Andria said...

helplessly/hopelessly, whatever!

Denise said...

Yeah, this is a little optimistic. Someone in the main crew is going to die. It might just be Hagrid but it could very well be Ron, Hermione or Harry :(

ashley said...

Still, I'll be surprised if she takes any of the main three. But I guess you're all right - she's not going to leave the good guys unscathed. I'm just not prepared for another emotional-wrench like Sirius. *Sniff*