Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Res-o-LU-tion (rez-uh-loo-shun)

Resolution is a funny word whose varied meanings include both the onset of a decision (resolving to do something) and the ultimate outcome (the final resolution). But for most of us at this time of the year, resolutions are about promises we make to ourselves that we don't intend to keep. They are the lofty goals. The proverbial carrots hung out to give us something to strive for in the coming year. We say we will lose weight, eat less, exercise more. Quit the bad and take up the good. Put aside selfish and embrace selfless. And with these resolutions, these declarations of improvement, we hope to have a better resolution to 2007.

My resolutions are usually empty, dashed off on New Year's Day to the first person who asks me what mine are with little thought to ever keeping my word. So each year, I make the same thoughtless promises about the kinder, gentler, thinner me, but end up pushing the same rock up the same hill just to have it fall back on me the next year. Yet, even with such a jaded view, it seems such an opportune time to really reflect and make change where change is necessary - to put my shoulder to the rock once more.

Perhaps my problem in the past has been making the wrong resolution - resolving on things that weren't truly important enough to abide by. And so this year, in an attempt to make progress with the rock, I'm making just one simple resolution. And that is to be to be happy with myself. To very simply recognize those things which make me happy and embrace them. To discern what is clouding my view and dispel it. To laugh more and cry less. To be good company when I'm the only one in the room.

Musically speaking, resolution is the moment in which a tone or chord eliminates dissonance. Chemically, it is the reduction to the simplest form. And for me, this year, resolution is both of those. Happy New Year, y'all.

3 cat calls:

Jenn said...

What a FABULOUS resolution! I love it!

penelope said...

Sounds good to me! Rock on.

mendacious said...

well said indeed. here's to all of us. and our continued success!