Sunday, June 03, 2007

Potent Potatobles for $200

On the way home today, Mom told me on the phone, "There's something dead in the house. It's this horrible smell," she said. "We can't find it. Your dad blames the cats." I hung up and promptly forgot about it.

I was reminded when passing by the wooden Taters and Onions bin in the dining room. Without thinking, I lifted the lid. I imagine this is what Jabba the Hut smells like. Truly one of the most repulsive, gag-inducing smells ever - like the most potent, sour, sweaty, rancid body odor magnified twelve times.

With rubber gloves, I braved the bin once more to retrieve the rotting potatoes. I ran them down the driveway in my pajamas (and rubber gloves) to dispose of them in the garbage, already by the street for Monday morning pick up.

Liberal amounts of Febreze have been sprayed. There is a candle burning in the dining room. The bin is in the garage. We may have to burn it tomorrow. Jabba the Hut must die.

5 cat calls:

penelope said...

Uggggh! I hope there weren't any bugs, to boot.

Jenn said...

Ewwwww. I never would have guessed potatoes!

ashley said...

It was undoubtedly the worst rotten smell ever! Mom said she kept throwing things out of the refrigerator in hopes of eliminating it! I kind of felt like Encyclopedia Brown for tracking it down. ;)

laura said...

potatoes are the worst smelling rotten thing in the world!! i had to get rid of my bin (it was plastic, though) b/c i couldn't get the smell out. worse than any diaper i have ever changed- i now only buy the amount of potatoes we can eat in a week- this happened when russ and i first got married and it was traumatic!! sorry you had to smell that!

penelope said...

potatoes actually do quite well stored in the fridge.

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