Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On the Fringe

In case you missed the hour-forty-five premiere of J.J. Abram's Fringe on Fox tonight, there's an encore presentation on Sunday night. I found it...pretty riveting. Definitely kept me guessing, intrigued, questioning. And let's not forget about the eye candy. Here are some reasons you should watch:

1) Josh Jackson = hot, and I have a particularity to him since I once had my picture taken with him (true story)
2) Crazy mad scientists
3) There's science that you're pretty sure isn't real but then...you kind of wonder
4) Nobody ever has the right amount of clearance to get all the information
5) Josh Jackson = hot
6) For the few men who read this blog, there's a scene featuring the lead female in a rather scanty black bra & panty ensemble
7) The Pattern (the sinister puzzle we'll be puzzling out along the way)
8) Because it's J.J. Abrams and you know people are going to be talking about it around the water cooler
9) Josh Jackson = hot
10) For the love of God, haven't I killed enough TV shows? Help me boost the ratings, people.

7 cat calls:

Mike said...

Pacey is the man...and now he knows crazy science stuff.

So how long before he hooks up with a teacher?

The premiere was most excellent.

ashley said...

I knew you'd be watching! I almost sent you an e-mail today to remind you. We must discuss.

And, yes, Pacey is the man, Mike. Always was, always will be.

penelope said...

What the hell, I really thought this didn't premiere until Sept 25?! I'm off my A-game with this TV thing.

Looking at the commercials, I'm on the fence about this show, since it seems so science-fictiony, and I'm not the biggest fan in general. I feel like I've hit my limit, since I'm already into Heroes and Lost. The only thing I can't let go of? Josh Jackson = HOT. I'll DVR the rerun, thanks for the tip. :)

Kurt said...

It struck me as a slower, less interesting episode of the X-Files. Sorry.

And do we have a shortage of American actresses?

niki said...

Just watched the pilot at Hulu.com (read: you don't have to wait for the Sunday re-run to catch up).

I'll agree with Kurt - a slower, less interesting version of the X-Files (a show I love). It was sort of Alias-y as well (a show that I think is so-so).

I'll also agree with Ash, Mike, and Pen - Pacey = HOT.

Ashley, if you like this show, then you'll love Lost. Get the DVDs immediately. (Also, as much as I love me some Josh Jackson, the Lost dudes are more aesthetically pleasing, even if their personalities will never equal his.)

I liked this show enough to keep up with it online, and I'm hopeful that it will get better. Maybe the Ashley curse won't strike this time!!

ashley said...

See, X-Files was too creepy for me, so it's like, a good level of creepy weird in Fringe. Plus...PACEY!!

Kim said...

I'm glad you still treasure that photo of you and Josh Jackson. That was one of the weirdest nights of my entire life, having never watched one episode of Dawson's Creek in my entire life (even still to this day!).